Branded Self-Help

Tailoring Support Experiences to Your Brand

Welcome to a product support experience built with your brand in mind. Our Branded Self-Help Portal allows you to create a fully customized support hub, tailored to your brand and products. Easily launch this portal on your domain, housing all your product manuals, FAQs, firmware updates, and intelligent product support chatbot in one easy-to-access location.

AI-Assisted Conversion
Rich Media Integration
Easy Updates and Maintenance
User-Friendly Experience
Simple Editing Tools

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With our platform, you'll have the ability to...

Tailored Design
Our platform allows you to control the colors and logo that appear on your knowledge base, ensuring a seamless transition between your product and support experiences.
Custom Domains
Deploy your Branded Self-Help Portal on your own domain or subdomain, making it easy for customers to find the help they need.
Product Organization
Categorize your product manuals into different product lines or types, simplifying the process for customers looking for specific information.

Are You Worried About the Migration?

As a company creating physical products, you likely already have an extensive library of PDF user manuals. Migrating all of them to a new system can seem overwhelming. But with, we streamline this process:




All-in-One Support

Consolidate all your product support essentials in one location. From Product Manuals and FAQs to Firmware updates and an intelligent product support chatbot, your Branded Self-Help Portal will be a comprehensive resource for your customers. It's an effortless way to improve customer experience, streamline operations, and keep all support-related content organized.

Full Customizability

Gain total control over your support hub's aesthetics with our full customizability feature. You can align the look and feel of your support hub with your brand's identity for a seamless user experience. Our flexible design options let you choose the colors, logo, and layout that best fit your branding, helping your support portal feel like a natural extension of your main website.

Easy Integration

With our easy integration feature, smoothly incorporate your Branded Self-Help Portal into your existing website. This eliminates potential navigation barriers for your customers, making the support experience fluid and user-friendly. It also minimizes the technical workload for your team, making the implementation of the support hub a hassle-free process.

AI-Powered Assistance

Our Branded Self-Help Portal comes with an intelligent product support chatbot powered by cutting-edge AI technology. This chatbot provides your customers with round-the-clock assistance, improving the speed and quality of your support. Additionally, with our graphical interface, you can easily customize the chatbot's conversation flows according to conditional logic without needing to code. This allows the chatbot to identify customer intent effectively, providing more personalized, contextually appropriate responses.

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