Empower your customers with a self-service product support hub

For companies that produce physical products, enhancing customer satisfaction while not overwhelming their support team is critical. By providing self-help options, you can elevate your customer experience and reduce the burden on your support team. Take action now to improve your customers' experience and increase your profit!

Increase profit by making your customer support team more efficient
Improve customer experience with an AI powered self-service support hub
Continuously improve your product manuals from a central knowledge base hub

The Real Cost of Poor Product Support. Is Your Business Suffering?

Most product companies struggle to maintain high-quality customer support services while managing an ever-growing number of support requests.

If you don’t offer an effective self-service product support system, your business may...


Become overwhelmed by a flood of support requests from customers


Be forced to increase support costs to manage the growing workload


Witness customers stop purchasing your products due to poor support experiences


Lose competitive edge as competitors offer better support experiences

Setting up an efficient knowledge base should be simple.

Most product companies are unaware that an easy-to-use self-service system exists, and they often opt to expand their support staff, consequently increasing costs.

Discover how ProductSupport.com can reduce support expenses while boosting customer loyalty.

Wouldn't It Be Nice If Your Customers Find What They Need Before Reaching Out?

Envision a seamless customer support experience where your customers easily find the answers they need without having to contact your support team. ProductSupport.com helps you turn this vision into reality by enabling you to create a comprehensive self-service support hub tailored to your brand.

With ProductSupport.com

  • Effortlessly set up a branded product support hub
    Our platform allows you to create a customized support hub without the need for a developer, saving you time and resources.
  • Effortlessly set up a branded product support hub
    Our platform allows you to create a customized support hub without the need for a developer, saving you time and resources.
  • Empower customers to interact with your knowledge base
    With a user-friendly interface, your customers can effortlessly navigate your support hub, finding the information they need and reducing the need to contact your support team.

Transform your customer support experience by providing your customers with the tools and resources they need for successful self-service.

Revolutionize Your Customer Support Journey with an AI-Powered Product Support Cycle

Add & Update Missing Information to Your Knowledge Base

Continuously refine the knowledge base to ensure accuracy and relevancy, enhance the AI's understanding and effectiveness.

Customers Search for Answers & Engage with the Product Support AI Chatbot

Users interact with the platform to find solutions, troubleshoot issues, and receive personalized support from the AI.

Monitor Interactions & Identify Information Gaps

The platform analyzes user interactions to identify any gaps in information.

Easily create and edit your multilingual knowledge base

Build a comprehensive and organized knowledge base with our intuitive backend interface.

Effortlessly add and edit products, create or upload PDF product manuals, add product software and firmware updates, and generate FAQs in multiple languages to cater to a diverse customer base.

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Launch a branded self-help portal

Deploy a dedicated self-help portal tailored to your customers' needs and customized with your brand's colors, logo, and style. Featuring a clean and user-friendly interface, your customers can easily find the information they require, ensuring a seamless and satisfying support experience that aligns with your brand identity.

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Empower Customers with AI Assistance

Enhance your customer support with our AI-powered assistant that utilizes your knowledge base to provide accurate and efficient self-help. Understanding and responding to queries in natural language, our intelligent assistant delivers personalized support, elevating the customer experience.

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Don't settle for mediocre customer support when you can exceed expectations with ProductSupport.com

Our platform is designed to empower your customers, streamline support processes, and ultimately help your business grow.

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ProductSupport.com has been developed by a team of dedicated customer support professionals and engineers with a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by product companies. Our mission is to revolutionize how businesses approach product support, delivering an exceptional customer experience and reducing support costs.Learn More >
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Let's run the numbers


return on investment in 3 years with ProductSupport.com

Discover the value you can unlock with our business value calculator. We’re here to help leading technology manufacturers reduce product support costs and grow by increasing customer revenue and retention.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction through Self-Service with ProductSupport.com

Without Product Support

  • Your support team may struggle to handle a high volume of customer inquiries, leading to longer response times and decreased efficiency.
  • Customers may not have access to comprehensive self-service resources, forcing them to rely on direct support for even simple questions or issues.
  • Handling more customer inquiries directly can increase your support costs, as more staff and resources are needed to manage the workload.

With Product Support

  • A centralized knowledge base enables customers to find answers on their own, freeing up your support team to handle more complex issues.
  • A centralized knowledge base enables customers to find answers on their own, freeing up your support team to handle more complex issues.
  • As customers can resolve many issues through self-service, your direct support costs are reduced, allowing you to allocate resources more efficiently.

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